Presentations and Events

Presentations and Events

Cars are more than just a method to get from A to B. They transport experiences and emotions as much as they transport people. In order to show them that way, they need to feature prominently and creatively at events and presentations to appeal to a relevant target audience.

We support you in the perfect presentation of cars and are your full service provider when it comes to events and presentations throughout Europe and the world, such as:

  • Driving events
  • Motoring press events
  • Major client events
  • Congresses
  • Market introduction/launch
  • Trade fairs
  • Press and background discussions
  • Road shows
  • Symposia
  • Conferences

You share your plans and goals with us. We consult, conceptualize, plan, organize and execute your event down to a tee. All the while we work with you closely to ensure your goals are achieved.

Our extensive network and our logistics capabilities play a large part in ensuring success. We have connections with numerous locations such as important trade fairs, winter testing sites in Northern Europe, test and racetracks in Southern Europe and places with tropical climates in the Gulf and in Africa. Our know-how, our competence and passion for cars make for an exceptional experience for your guests.


16 February 2018



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