Film and Photo Shoots

Film and Photo Shoots

You write the script, we provide the cars.

Shooting film, video and photographs is integral in providing high levels of attention and click rates/likes on social media. Furthermore, the effective use of audiovisual material is a useful way to portray a company in the right light and to entertain and engage audiences and consumers. Special cars and vehicles are increasingly used to this end and feature often in scripts and photography briefings.

We can make just about any idea or desire reality. For us, it doesn’t really matter which car it is or what color it needs to be, we can source just about anything. We can also be flexible when it comes to the duration of use, number of cars or location of the shoot.

What are crucial for the delivery of our services are your needs and a specific briefing. Then we can get to work and source and prepare vehicles such as:

  • Convertibles
  • Electric cars
  • Off road vehicles
  • Luxury cars
  • Classic cars
  • Special cars (such as a KTM X-Bow, for example)
  • Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV)
  • Stretch limousines
  • Supercars
  • Young timers

Advertising agencies, filmmakers, producers, directors and photographers are welcome with us, as are original film and photography ideas involving cars and vehicles.


16 February 2018



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