JBCare – we help you out

JBCare – we help you out

Our established experience in the sourcing of cars and a well-developed feel for their use day-to-day is the basis for our quality standards. We believe that quality comes not just from fulfilling client demands, but also or particularly when something unexpected or unplanned happens.

JBCare is our answer to these kinds of situations. For us, JBCare means bundling all our capabilities to secure the workflow of your project and provide quick and unconventional solutions even in the most exceptional of circumstances. This includes:

  • A 24/7 Hotline
  • A 24/7-recovery service
  • Exceptional battery loads: preparation and operation of devices to retain charge
  • Damage or wear of individual parts on cars provided: sourcing of OEM replacement parts/consumables, complete devices, small pieces, repair or the handling of repairs on site
  • Car handling
  • CarCare/preparation
  • Sites far away from gas stations: organization of a refueling service with the right kinds of fuel on site
  • Car breakdown: fast and easy provision of replacements
  • Hybrid and electric vehicles: the right charging cables and adapters for every application
  • Printing and fitting special license plates


22 April 2018



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