NEW: Closed & open vehicle transport

NEW: Closed & open vehicle transport

We have extensive expertise in the transport of vehicles. On this basis, we can now offer you national and international vehicle and prototype transport, from individual delivery through to distribution of larger numbers – irrespective of vehicle sourcing on our end. We transport cars, prototypes, development vehicles, new, used and classic cars and campervans as a carrier directly commissioned by you or as a subcontractor for logistics companies.

We have the following vehicles at your disposal for closed transport:

  • Closed car trailer for individual transport
  • 5 ton truck with trailer for up to 2 vehicles
  • Articulated train for up to 4 vehicles
  • Articulated train for up to 6 vehicles
  • Tractor-trailer for up to 6 vehicles

Additionally, we can use several car transporters for the open transport of between 2 and 8 vehicles. We continuously invest in and secure the performance capabilities of our modern fleet.

Quality features of our vehicle transport:

  • The possibility to bring along tires, wheels, accessories, measurement and other equipment
  • Regularly trained, German-speaking staff
  • Safety and transparency with GPS fleet management with localization in real time
  • Insurance with 40 SDR (Special Drawing Rights) per KG instead of the usual 8.33 SDR per KG
  • Additional insurance for higher value vehicles is available upon request
  • Additional insurance for accessories, measuring equipment, etc. available upon request
  • Express delivery with 2 man crews is possible

Closed & open vehicle transport

Do you need closed or open vehicle transport? Then get in touch with us here. We’d be happy to provide you with our EC license and our CMR insurance.


14 May 2020



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