Market Research & Car Clinics

Market Research & Car Clinics

We take care of the work on your car and with your car.

In the automotive industry, market research and car clinics are important for the success of individual models, brands, their communication and even entire companies. Ad-hoc communication and tracking studies can provide you with valuable insights, analyses and concrete actions and measures you can take when it comes to market introductions or model cycles: from pre-launch to launch through to the post-launch phase in which a model becomes more widespread. We generate qualitative and quantitative data in the process, as well as objective statements. Cars are examined in minute detail statically and/or dynamically.

Based on our previous experience, we have optimized our services to cater to ever growing market research demands in the automotive industry. We take care of the work necessary on your cars and with your cars, allowing you to focus on your qualitative and/or quantitative market research.

We support you not just as a standard supplier of cars, but also as a competent partner throughout the entire project process and while doing fieldwork on site. For example, we take care of:

  • Sourcing the necessary models, trim levels, body styles and colors. Preparing the equivalent equipment and multimedia systems, as well as professional wrapping, de-badging or window tinting
  • Continuous cleaning of cars and performance of follow-up checks in static market research
  • Constant new positioning in dynamic driving tests
  • Reconfiguration of interiors with high-quality fabrics
  • Matching of exteriors with wrapping and wheel and tire changes
  • Preparation and handling of prototypes


16 February 2018



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