Deepal SL 03 – the Red Dot Award winner now as a vehicle for disassembly at JB CarConcept

Amidst the plethora of Chinese car brands now entering the global markets, Changan - one of the four largest car manufacturers in China - is taking on a special role with its new Deepal brand. Founded in 2022, the aim is to achieve global sales of 450,000 vehicles next year. Following on from its first foreign market in Thailand, Deepal is now setting its sights on Europe. Deepal models: the SL03 sedan and the S07 SUV - both positioned in the mid-size segment. Parallels with Tesla's Model Y and 3 may not be a coincidence.

Features of the Deepal SL03

Interactive headlights, grille-less front, minimalist car design exemplify outstanding Chinese automotive design.

Success with the 2023 Red Dot Design Award

This was also the opinion expressed by the jury of the internationally renowned Red Dot Design Award, often referred to as the “Oscar of the design world”. It presented its award to the Deepal SL03 in summer 2023, citing the fact that the SL03 clearly breaks with traditional front-end design. A powerful argument for delving deeper into the new electric mid-size sedan. Here at JB CarConcept, we have now acquired the Deepal SL03 as a vehicle for disassembly.

It remains to be seen whether the new Chinese vehicle will be as well received on the European market, and especially in Germany, as it was by the Red Dot jury.

Do you want to find out more about the Deepal SL03? Or perhaps you also need vehicles for disassembly? Then contact us here at JB CarConcept or give us a call: +49 21 29 33 19 73 2 or +49 17 35 73 83 88. Everything else will be explained in a personal meeting.

Vehicles for disassembly

Our customers are increasingly confronting us with requests to procure vehicles for disassembly. There are many reasons for this.

Typical objectives include, for example:

  • Analyzing technical designs
  • Investigating and determining construction principles
  • Tracking new technical solutions
  • Diligence in the production of vehicles
  • Determining / measuring long-term quality characteristics
  • Determining and assessing wear behavior during continuous operation
  • Testing the reliability and endurance of components / assemblies
  • Analyzing defects, causes of breakdowns, etc.
  • Dismantling and rebuilding of vehicles

We procure suitable vehicles and disassemble them completely so that you can tackle these and other aspects. We reassemble the vehicle at the end of your project and take care of the resale if required.