Kia EV6 mit 800-Volt-Technik – ab sofort bei JB CarConcept ordern

Kia EV6 mit 800-Volt-Technik – ab sofort bei JB CarConcept ordern

Nach dem Hyundai IONIQ 5 stellen wir ab sofort auch den Konzernbruder Kia EV6 für Ihre Events zur Verfügung: ebenfalls mit hoch spannender 800-Volt-Technologie, dazu Batterie-Upgrade und AWD. Preislich eindeutig noch zur Mittelklasse passend, sind Fahrleistungen und Batterie-Equipment des neuen Kia fast schon mit dem Porsche Taycan zu vergleichen. Aber werfen wir erstmal einen Blick auf die harten Fakten. Den EV6 als ersten rein elektrisch konzipierten Kia können Sie bei JB CarConcept mit folgenden technischen Details buchen:

  • Elektromotor mit 239 kW / 325 PS Leistung und 605 Nm Drehmoment
  • Höchstgeschwindigkeit (abgeregelt) 185 km/h
  • Batterie-Kapazität 77,4 kWh
  • Abmessungen: 4,68 m Länge, 1,88 m breit, 1,55 m hoch, Radstand 2,90 m
  • Reichweite über500 km nach WLTP
  • Schnellladung mit bis zu 240 kW DC an HPC-Ladestationen (High Power Charging)
  • Kofferraum mit 490 bis 1310 Litern
  • Zusätzlicher 52-Liter-Frunk (Stauraum unter der Motorhaube)
  • Premium Soundsystem von Meridian

Was unterscheidet ihn vom Hyundai IONIQ 5? Kommt der eindeutig als SUV-Vertreter daher, gibt sich Kia EV6 – in der neuen Kia-Design-Philosophie gestaltet, etwas länger und deutlich niedriger– sportiver und engagierter. Die bei uns verfügbare umfangreiche Ausstattung unterstreicht den Auftritt mit besonders dynamisch gestylten 20-Zoll-Felgen, Privacy-Verglasung und Active Sound Design. Weitere Details wie das gewölbte, über 31 cm breite Panorama-Doppeldisplay, Sitzbezüge aus recycelten PET-Flaschen, intelligente Rekuperation und viele mehr warten darauf, in allen Einsatzlagen geprüft, begutachtet und verglichen zu werden.

Welche Projekte mit dem neuen Kia EV6 GT haben Sie in der Planung? Mit welchen Wettbewerbsmodellen wollen Sie ihn vergleichen? Wir beschaffen Ihnen alle benötigten Fahrzeuge und präparieren sie nach Ihren Wünschen. Nehmen Sie einfach hier Kontakt mit uns bei JB CarConcept auf oder rufen Sie an: +49 (0) 2129 / 33 19 732 oder +49 (0) 173 / 57 38 388.

Suchen Sie auch eine Location? Technisch bestens ausgestattet wartet unser neues Innovation Testing Center mit variablen Räumen und vielen weiteren Dienstleistungen auf Ihre Buchung.

Continuous supply of new models for your testing

A constant stream of new models for you to test

The requirements you place on cars is diverse, whether it’s for tests, competitor analysis or for comparative drives. We have our own stock of vehicles to efficiently support you in research and development, market research, product comparison, benchmarking and other similar projects. We expand and update our fleet continuously, based on developments in the marketplace and your individual needs.

Below is a selection of vehicles that have been ordered or are ready to be delivered:

  • Mercedes EQS – the company’s first purely electric luxury-class sedan. Mercedes-EQ promises to redefine the vehicle segment with this first model based on the modular architecture for the electric luxury class.
  • Tesla Model S Plaid and Tesla Model S Plaid+ – the answers to the Porsche Taycan from the American pioneer. Externally only subtly revised, we’re especially curious about the Plaid powertrain and the significantly increased range.
  • BMW iX3 - the first all-electric Sports Activity Vehicle from BMW. With the iX3, the Munich-based company wants to usher in a new era of local, emission-free driving pleasure. With fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology.
  • BMW iX - the second electric SUV from Munich’s premium brand. With scalable e-motors up to 300 kW per axle, a length similar to the X5 and a height comparable to the X6. BMW expects to bring the new iX to market at the end of 2021.
  • Ford Mustang Mach-E – "untamed, electric" is how Ford describes their first all-electric SUV. We ordered two Mach-Es straight away.
  • Hyundai Ioniq 5 – not on the market yet, but already considered a hot competitor for the Tesla Model Y. Now the new electric SUV from Korea has been spotted testing at the Nürburgring. Rumours include 800-volt charging technology. Reason enough for us to reserve the Hyundai Ioniq 5.

We are constantly expanding our range of electric vehicles. We have more than 350 electric vehicles, which are permanently available.

Take advantage of our constantly growing pool and our expertise in providing vehicles in any desired specification (brand, type, colour, drivetrain, equipment, etc.). For short and long-term assignments and in any quantity. Contact us quickly and easily here.

The first e-car from Škoda: book the Enyaq iV here now

The first e-car from Škoda: book the Enyaq iV here now

The new Škoda Enyaq iV looks familiar somehow. That's right – a typical Škoda, only now as an electric car with a completely new drive concept. From the outside, the Enyaq iV fits seamlessly into Škoda's current design philosophy, just like the Octavia and Kamiq models.

However, it shares MEB modular technical underpinnings with its two corporate brothers, the VW ID.4 (also available at JB CarConcept) and the Audi Q4 E-tron.

The Škoda Enyaq iV is the first electric vehicle to come out of the Czech Republic and the frontrunner for an entire family. In the next year or two, there will be more than ten electric iV models. For all of them, the VW subsidiary promises a perfect combination of practical range, emotional design and lots of driving pleasure. A promise that is simply made for comparison tests, car clinics and competitive analyses.

The Enyaq iV doesn’t just go its own way when compared to its siblings in terms of external appearance, with strong references to Škoda's usual design rather than the unusual and futuristic forms of the others. The Enyaq iV also does things differently inside as well. Instead of classic equipment packages, Škoda offers a choice of 6 design lines. From "EcoSuite" to "Studio", attributes such as homely elegance, luxury, sustainability, innovation or "form follows function" can be ordered according to your own sense of well-being.

At JB CarConcept, the Škoda Enyaq iV is now available as Sportline 80 for your events. Some characteristics:

  • Power 150 kW / 204 hp with 310 Nm torque
  • Top speed (limited) 160 km/h
  • Battery capacity 77 kWh net (gross: 82 kWh)
  • Dimensions: 4.65 m length, 1.88 m width, 1.62 m height, making it somewhat stockier than the VW ID.4
  • 21" chassis, lowered
  • Very manoeuvrable with a turning circle of less than 9.50 m
  • Long range of over 500 km according to WLTP
  • Fast charging with up to 125 kW DC
  • Typical “Simply Clever" brand features such as a cable cleaner for charging cables

Whether Škoda's chosen positioning as a kind of electric estate car (and not as an e-SUV) works out is another interesting question for market research and comparisons with competitors such as the electric Audi Q4 E-tron, Hyundai Kona, VW ID.4 or the Toyota RAV4 as a plug-in hybrid.

Whatever event you are planning with the Škoda Enyaq iV, we will procure all the vehicles you need and prepare them according to your exact needs. Simply contact us at JB CarConcept here or call: +49 (0) 2129 / 33 19 732 or +49 (0) 173 / 57 38 388. We not only procure vehicles, but also provide you with well-equipped spaces in our new Innovation Testing Centre and many other services.

Der VW ID.4 – ab sofort als 1st Edition Max bei JB CarConcept verfügbar

The VW ID.4 – now available as 1st Edition Max at JB CarConcept

The second completely new electric car from VW after the compact ID.3. The Wolfsburg-based company is targeting all important car markets around the world with its first electric SUV. This is why VW calls it the brand's "first e-world car".

The VW ID.4 is available for you at JB CarConcept as the 1st Edition Max version for comparison tests, car clinics and competition analyses. In addition to the standard drive (permanently excited synchronous electric motor) on the rear axle, the electric SUV provides a particularly comprehensive range of equipment.

Further key data for the VW ID.4, which is ready for all your projects:

  • Power 150 kW / 204 hp with 310 Nm torque
  • Top speed (limited) 160 km/h
  • Battery capacity 77 kWh net (82 kWh gross)
  • Dimensions: 4.58 m long, 1.85 m wide, 1.61 m high
  • Wheelbase 2.77 m, short body overhangs front and rear
  • 21" chassis with 235/45 R21 (front) and 255/40 R21 (rear) tyres
  • Customer range according to manufacturer: 360 to 520 km
  • Possible charging power: AC 11kW, DC 125 kW

By the way, the VW ID.4 has just been crowned winner of the World Car Awards 2021. Its outstanding performance in the categories "Environment" and "Innovation" played a decisive role in its success. VW Group goes to show how suitable new vehicles for modern electric mobility are for everyday use.

Would you like to research consumer reactions to the VW ID.4 or compare it with its competitors? Then contact us at JB CarConcept here or call: +49 (0) 2129 / 33 19 732 or +49 (0) 173 / 57 38 388. We will procure comparison vehicles, provide space in our new Innovation Testing Centre for your event and prepare vehicles according to your exact needs.

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