Neuer LKW 6er Transportzug

New 6-rig car transporter

We’ve been investing into the capacity and performance of our fleet on a regular basis. The latest example: a new 6-rig car transporter based on a Renault T chassis. It’s been ready to help our clients realize their projects since the start of this month. The 6-rig transporter can carry up to 6 cars, 6 SUVs or 3 transporter panel vans.

It’s a double-stack with a central tandem axle trailer with two stacking platforms. Two super-high roof panel vans or mobile homes can even be transported when the loading plane is completely lowered. That makes the newest member of our team ready for the most complex tasks that require great flexibility.

JB CarConcept auf der Automotive Testing Expo

JB CarConcept at the Automotive Testing Expo from the 5th to the 7th of June 2018

You’ll find us in Stuttgart from the 5th to the 7th of June 2018 at stand OS1/OS2.

The 18th Automotive Testing Expo Europe in Stuttgart is the world’s largest trade automobile testing trade fair. Over 400 exhibitors will showcase the newest technology and services that improve quality, reliability, durability and safety. As a car sourcing, car handling and logistics provider, we support our clients in the testing of their technology and in comparing and using it on the road.

You’ll find out more about the Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2018 here. You can also register for free tickets there. An invitation with further information is available as a PDF.

Nextmove – führender Elektroauto-Vermieter in Deutschland unter neuer Marke

nextmove – Germany’s leading electric car rental service has a new brand

Mobility is changing in ways that we could have barely imagined just a few years ago. And we’re convinced that electric cars will play a large part in the future. Not least because of the fact that they offer other aspects of mobility in addition to electric driving, such as autonomous, connected and shared driving.

You’d like to test an electric car? We’ve partnered with nextmove, Germany’s leading electric car rental service, to rent a Tesla as well as the other electric cars available on the market. Nextmove is a new brand that takes new mobility trends and makes them available for your.

nextmove ist die neue Marke, unter der neue mobile Trends aufgegriffen und für Dich verfügbar gemacht werden. You can find out more about nextmove here.

Toyota Mirai – die erste Wasserstoff-Limousine in Großserie

Toyota Mirai – the first mass-produced hydrogen saloon

The world’s first mass-produced hydrogen saloon, the new Toyota Mirai has been available at JBCarConcept since the summer of 2016 as a comparison and promotional vehicle.

You’d like to experience the benefits of a purely electric car combined with the established day-to-day usability of a car with an internal combustion engine? Then test the Mirai and experience the powerful alternative mobility of the future.

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