New and now available for booking at JB CarConcept: the Lucid Air Dream

The Lucid company from the USA is an absolute newcomer in the ever-growing car manufacturer community. New, but with plenty of expertise. This is because Lucid boss Rawlinson once led the development of the first series at Tesla. He has made consistent use of his experience from his time at Tesla for further developments and improvements at Lucid. You can now find out for yourself what this means for his top model, the Lucid Air Dream Edition, in tests and comparative drives.

The electric 1,000 hp class is growing

Tesla has broken the 1000-horsepower barrier in electric vehicles for the first time with its Model S Plaid. Others are now following in its wake: The Lucid Air in the Dream Edition that is available from us adds another 100 hp. The Taycan "Turbo GT" (name not yet official) is on its final test and tuning runs at Porsche. It too is set to join the exclusive club.

Data about the Lucid Air in the Dream Edition:

  • Length 4.96 m, width 1.94 m, height 1.41 m
  • Dual engine with enormous 817 kW / 1,111 hp output
  • Torque 1,390 Nm
  • Battery rated at 118 kWh
  • Range up to 861 km according to WLTP
  • Charging capacities DC up to 350 kW
  • Bidirectional charging module
  • Top speed limited to 270 km/h

Ambience from the combustion luxury class fused with electric technology

The Lucid showroom in Munich (more are planned) is able to provide initial impressions, e.g. of materials and craftsmanship, room ambience, colors, equipment and extras. However, if you require intensive tests and comparisons, we at JB CarConcept will make the Lucid Air available for as long as you need it. Then your testers will be able to fathom in great detail why Lucid sees itself as the future benchmark for top electric vehicles. Plus, they'll see whether many of the electric components Lucid develops and manufactures itself really do make a difference in comparison to Tesla and other manufacturers.

Are you planning comparison runs with the Lucid Air?

Or do you want to set new test records with it? You can book the Dream Edition with us now. If you wish, together with the comparison vehicles you have planned. No matter whether it's powered by an electric motor or a combustion engine. Contact us at JB CarConcept here or give us a call: +49 (0) 2129 / 33 19 732 or +49 (0) 173 / 57 38 388.

Looking for a test location? Well-equipped technically, our Innovation Testing Center in Haan on the A46 awaits your booking with versatile rooms and many other facilities.