Nio ET5 and EL7 - now immediately available at JB CarConcept for your events

Der Autohersteller Nio aus China hatte sich 2022 auf dem deutschen Markt mit mehreren Paukenschlägen vorgestellt: Lithium-Nickel-Mangan Akkus statt üblicher Lithium-Eisen-Batteriezellen und Akku-Tausch statt Schnellladen. Mittlerweile sind drei Fahrzeuge von Nio bei JB CarConcept verfügbar: neben dem ET 7 jetzt brandneu die Mittelklasse-Limousine ET5 und das Elektro-SUV EL7.

Nimmt Teslas Model 3 ins Visier – der Nio ET5 mit 100 kWh-Akku

The new Nio ET5, featuring a design developed in Munich, aspires to join the ranks of the established European premium brands. This is a perfectly understandable aspiration in purely visual terms. This continues in the interior: a lounge feel combined with first-class materials, very tidy craftsmanship and a somewhat childlike voice assistant "Nomi". The fact that fresh air flows into the interior completely without drafts is something VW had already achieved in the Phaeton, so it's nothing really new. What is new and so far unique, however, is the option to swap the empty battery for a new one. This should only take 6 minutes, according to "MO/OVE" magazine. There's hardly any faster way to do a classic refueling stop. Nio provides so-called "swap stations" at selected locations for this purpose. Your events and tests can focus on how this works and whether it is accepted in the market.

The competition is fierce with all drive versions: in addition to the Model 3 Performance, the BMW i4, the new BMW 5 Series (as a combustion engine and fully electric), Mercedes EQE, Polestar 2, Hyundai Ioniq 6 and Toyota's Mirai (hydrogen).

Data on the Nio ET5 in brief:

  • Length 4.79 m, width 1.96 m, height 1.50 m
  • All-wheel drive with 360 kW / 490 hp output
  • Torque 700 Nm
  • Battery rated at 100 kWh with lithium-nickel-manganese technology
  • Range up to 590 km according to WLTP
  • Battery replacement in approx. 6 minutes
  • Charging capacities DC up to 130 kW

Das Elektro-SUV Nio EL7 – reichlich Leistung und Luxus im Überfluss

Whereas we are familiar with luxury manufacturers flaunting the brand values they have fought for over many years, Nio, as an absolute newcomer, is forced to take a different approach. When it comes to the EL7, it's a multifaceted electric SUV charm offensive: impressive space with ample legroom even in the rear, premium-level comfort with intelligent air suspension, massage features for the driver and front passenger, additional support for the lower legs and sleep setting. Needless to say, the voice assistant referred to in the ET5 is also included.

Whether and how this compares and resonates with audiences will provide ample material for your test and event plans.

Data on the Nio EL7 in brief:

  • All-wheel drive with 480 kW / 652 hp output
  • Torque 850 Nm
  • Battery rated at 100 kWh with lithium-nickel-manganese technology
  • Nomi voice assistant with over 200 "faces" available
  • Technology for autonomous driving already on board
  • Range up to 509 km according to WLTP
  • Battery replacement in approx. 6 minutes
  • Charging capacities DC up to 140 kW

Are you planning any tests or comparison drives with the new Nios?

Or do you want to make a contrast between the type of energy supply - fast charging vs. battery replacement? We would be happy to provide you with the Nio ET5 and the Nio SUV EL7 - both equipped with the 100-kWh lithium-nickel-manganese battery. We can also provide you with suitable comparison vehicles, if you wish. No matter whether it's powered by an electric motor or a combustion engine. Contact us at JB CarConcept here or give us a call: +49 (0) 2129 / 33 19 732 or +49 (0) 173 / 57 38 388.

Looking for a test location? Well-equipped technically, our Innovation Testing Center in Haan on the A46 awaits your booking with versatile rooms and many other facilities. This is especially interesting for you, because a Nio battery replacement station is only a few kilometers away from our testing center in the Hilden charging hub.