Procuring vehicles and parts

After you have placed your order, we work together with you to determine which work steps have to take place and according to which timeline. The procurement of vehicles (for rent, but also for purchase) and parts is of central importance here:

  • Provision of vehicles from our own fleet (currently well in excess of 130 vehicles)
  • Procurement of individual vehicles through our efficient network of dealers, importers and providers of rental vehicles
  • Procurement of complete vehicle fleets
  • Taking into account all available engine types (gasoline, diesel, hybrid, gas, electric, fuel cell / hydrogen)
  • Procurement of new and spare parts in original quality
  • Procurement of spare parts in OEM quality
  • Procurement of used parts
  • Procurement of complete assemblies (such as used axle supports, diesel injectors with a certain mileage, completely new brake systems, new tires and rims)