Ford Mustang Mach-e GT with Blue Cruise – semi-autonomous driving assistant for your tests

Mach-e GT – more Mustang power for your comparison drives: We have already presented the Mustang Mach-e, which is positioned by Ford as an SUV crossover. The Americans are now upping the ante: the All-Wheel Drive in the GT is now fueled by significantly more power. Adaptive dampers in the MagneRide chassis optimize road holding. Sports seats, higher-quality workmanship in our opinion and a special tool for semi-autonomous driving according to Level 2+ round off the GT package.

Available for the first time in Europe and now at JB CarConcept:

The BlueCruise system is being offered by Ford for the very first time in its SUV crossover. This enables the Mach-e GT to be driven at speeds of up to 130 km/h on the highway without hands on the steering wheel. The on-board cruise control and BlueCruise handle the steering, adapt the speed to the requirements and ensure the car is kept in lane. Since the responsibility for accident-free driving still lies with the person in the driver's seat, the Ford additionally monitors whether they are doing everything properly. The alarm is triggered if monitored parameters are not accurate.

BlueCruise has its limitations when traffic requires a lane change, e.g. when overtaking, leaving the highway or in traffic jams when allowing emergency vehicles to get through. And Ford also limits the use of BlueCruise financially. It is only possible to subscribe to BlueCruise for a monthly fee after approximately three free months. The tool for your event is, of course, included with the JB CarConcept test vehicle.

Details about the Mustang Mach-e GT:

  • Dimensions, battery and usable space as with the Mach-e
  • Autonomous driving in line with Level 2+
  • More power: system output 358 kW / 487 hp with 860 Nm torque
  • More speed: approx. 200 km/h (regulated)
  • Unladen weight: 2,348 kg
  • Electric range according to WLTP: 490 km

How useful semi-autonomous driving can be in the Mach-e GT, how reliable it is in day-to-day driving and what benefits it brings - these and similar questions can only be answered by intensive tests and comparison drives. Or perhaps you would like to compare Ford's BlueCruise with the semi-autonomous systems offered by Mercedes - the ‘Drive Pilot’ in the conventional S-Class and in the electric EQS - and BMW in the i7? You can book the Mustang Mach-e GT at JB CarConcept - as well as comparison vehicles such as the Mercedes, the i7, the BMW iX3 or the Genesis GV60. Get in contact us here or give us a call: +49 21 29 33 19 73 2 or +49 17 35 73 83 88.

What's more, our Innovation Testing Center in Haan on the A46 is equally available to you as a location as our other services such as vehicle preparation, transportation and maintenance during your event..