Introducing the Tesla Model S Plaid, available at JB CarConcept for comparison drives.

Tesla's answer to the challenges posed by the Mercedes EQS, Porsche Taycan and Lucid Air Dream in recent months is the all-new Model S Plaid: featuring three motors, approx. 750 kW / 1,020 hp total output and 100 kWh battery.

Mel Brooks Spaceballs and Tesla’s S Plaid

The Ludicrous mode, the most potent performance package for the Model S to date, is probably not new to Tesla connoisseurs. What the manufacturer says is that the Plaid variant goes even further than the "freakish Ludicrous". These two terms originate from the movie world of Spaceballs, a world where Tesla likes to look for terms for its models or technology.

Not so much a steering wheel, more a control stick: Yoke

The performance data of the Plaid would seem to be ripe for the current electric car crown: top speed of approx. 320 km/h and acceleration well below 3 seconds to the 100 km/h mark. You could clarify whether the Tesla delivers what its manufacturer promises in practice during your tests. The question of how users perceive the unusual steering experience with the "halved steering wheel" is just as exciting. Tesla calls it "yoke" steering. It resembles steering wheels from Formula 1 motorsports or a control unit in airplane cockpits.

Technical data of the Model S-Plaid at a glance

  • cw value: 0.208
  • 750 kW / 1,020 hp system output from 3 motors (2 on rear axle, 1 front axle)
  • Battery capacity: 100 kWh net
  • Range according to WLTP: approx. 600 km
  • Super Charging with max. 250 kW
  • Top speed: 322 km/h
  • 17-inch touchscreen, swivels right/left
  • Air conditioning with 3-zone control and outlet vents spread throughout the interior

Tests or events planned with the Model S-Plaid?

We will provide you with the Tesla in any configuration you require and suitable test or comparison vehicles at the same time. Contact us or give us a call: +49 (0) 2129 / 33 19 732 or +49 (0) 173 / 57 38 388. We will procure the vehicles you require, prepare them individually in line with your specifications and provide you with the premises for your events: in our Innovation Testing Center Haan with direct access to the A46 Autobahn.