The BMW 740d now at JB CarConcept for tests with Level 3 semi-autonomous driving

The current BMW 7 Series as a high-end luxury sedan has already been presented to you as the i7. We now have the new 740d with all-wheel drive and Level 3 autonomous driving. Measuring 5.39 meters in length, it features plenty of space, soft-close doors, multi-sensory entertainment, the 8-speed automatic transmission and yet more driving pleasure. More on this can be found in our earlier news.

Level 3 autonomous driving

Vehicle manufacturers and regulatory authorities are approaching the future of autonomous driving in five levels. Level 1 ‘assisted driving’ and level 2 ‘semi-automated driving’ still require drivers to be in control of their vehicle at all times. Drivers can delegate the task of driving to automated systems for at least some of the time from level 3 ‘highly automated driving’. In this case, the manufacturer specifies situations in which the car drives independently. However, the driver has to be in a position to take over at any time when instructed to do so.

Levels 4 ‘fully automated driving’ and 5 ‘autonomous driving’ practically turn drivers into passengers or allow cars to be driven without passengers. Autobahn driving at level 3 is permitted with restrictions for individual vehicles in Germany (in addition to the BMW 7 Series, e.g. the i5 and the Mercedes S-Class).

Level 3 in the BMW 740d

The BMW 740d with the configuration for highly automated driving in line with level 3 can be booked with JB CarConcept for your tests and comparison drives. The 740d can drive independently up to the recommended Autobahn speed of 130 km/h and change lanes without the driver having their hands on the steering wheel. The driver must still keep a close eye on the traffic and be ready to intervene. Overtaking maneuvers can also be performed in suitable traffic situations. In doing so, the BMW monitors the driver's behavior and reacts to carelessness with warnings.

Some data on the BMW 740d with Highway Assistant:

  • Length: 5.39 m, width: 1.95 m, height 1.54 m
  • All-wheel drive
  • Air suspension
  • Maximum output 220 kW / 299 hp and 690 Nm torque
  • 48-volt mild hybrid
  • Maximum speed: 250 km/h
  • Unladen weight: 2,255 kg, payload: up to 715 kg

Is ‘highly automated driving’ relevant and useful in the 740d?

The development towards autonomous driving will be realized over many stages. And it will involve time and experience. It is therefore all the more important to gather information on everyday car use: How do drivers get on with level 3? How will they benefit from it? How is the difference to assisted and semi-automated driving (Level 1 and 2) received? How does the BMW 740d stack up against competitors that also offer ‘highly automated driving’?

Contact details

Are you interested in testing the BMW 740d and its level 3 capability for autonomous driving? Then get in touch with us! We can provide you with the 740d and, where necessary, also competitor vehicles with electric drive. You can contact us here or give us a call: +49 21 29 33 19 73 2 or +49 17 35 73 83 88.

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