For the 2020 test season: The Golf 8 is now available at JB CarConcept

For the 2020 test season: The Golf 8 is now available at JB CarConcept

So far, every new generation of Golf has brought with it a ground-breaking advance. In times of increasing electric mobility, the Golf 8 also offers several new features as a classic combustion-engine car: narrower light units at the front (LED lighting makes that possible) and a wider, sturdier appearance are the most important external features. Inside, the innovation is more fundamental and comprehensive: digital cockpit, considerably fewer switches, many functions controlled via touchscreen, infotainment systems with permanently installed SIM card, constant online availability, networking, Car2X technology, a wide range of convenient driving assistants and intelligent safety systems - the Golf has finally arrived in the digital age and is well on its way to becoming a "digital icon".

There’s a lot to discover under the bonnet as well, in addition to the proven petrol and diesel technology: lower fuel consumption, lower emissions, 48-volt technology and belt starter generators for mild hybrid drive, plug-in hybrids with a longer electrical range. The only thing there won’t be is a purely electric Golf 8 anymore. The VW Group has the ID.3 (soon to be available from JB CarConcept as well) in the starting blocks. The Golf has always been a widely used reference vehicle in the compact class and the new Golf 8 continues this tradition. No matter whether you want to compare competitors such as the Opel Astra, Ford Focus, BMW 1 Series, Mercedes A Class, Audi A3, Seat Leon, Renault Mégane, Peugeot 308, Kia Ceed, Toyota Auris, Mazda 3, Hyundai i30 or other models - the Golf will provide valuable insights in many areas.

Do you want to use the new VW Golf 8 for test and comparison drives, in the Car Clinic, for competition analysis or for research & development? Give us a call: +49 (0) 2129 / 33 19 732 or +49 (0) 173 / 57 38 388 and we will talk about your project, procure the desired competitor vehicles and prepare the cars according to your requirements.

Mercedes EQC from JB CarConcept for your comparison drives

Mercedes EQC from JB CarConcept for your comparison drives

Freshly delivered and now available at JB CarConcept for your test and comparison drives, for competition analysis and for the Car Clinic: the Mercedes EQC - "the Mercedes of the electric cars".

As the first model in the future Mercedes E-fleet, what stands out most about the EQC is the way that it doesn’t stand out in terms of the driving experience, according to the latest Auto Motor Sport comparison test (read more). Compared to the Mercedes GLC, the driver wouldn’t need to get used to it at all. An additional interesting detail for professional comparisons and analyses: ZF in Friedrichshafen has just emerged as the supplier of the electric drive. That’s probably one reason why the Mercedes EQC is comparatively economical when it comes to its battery capacity.

Do you want to use the Mercedes EQC? Then please contact us quickly here. We will discuss your plans, procure vehicles from relevant competitors and prepare them according to your requirements.

Tesla Model 3 verfügbar – jetzt und hier

Tesla Model 3 available – here and now

Despite the fact that auto motor und sport journalists had to jet across the pond to test the new Model 3 in their article from the 26th of April, we’ve got one that’s available immediately as a comparison and promotion car.

We’re pleased to say that our excellent connections to importers and our extensive network of dealers has allowed us to provide the Tesla Model 3 for our clients. It’s a model that electrifies and that has been hotly anticipated for a long time. That comes as no surprise, since it’s supposed to be Tesla’s entry into the mass market. We’re sure it will be a popular car for tests and comparative drives over the coming weeks and months.

Are you interested in the new Tesla Model 3? Then get in touch with us quickly and easily here.

Neuer LKW 6er Transportzug

New 6-rig car transporter

We’ve been investing into the capacity and performance of our fleet on a regular basis. The latest example: a new 6-rig car transporter based on a Renault T chassis. It’s been ready to help our clients realize their projects since the start of this month. The 6-rig transporter can carry up to 6 cars, 6 SUVs or 3 transporter panel vans.

It’s a double-stack with a central tandem axle trailer with two stacking platforms. Two super-high roof panel vans or mobile homes can even be transported when the loading plane is completely lowered. That makes the newest member of our team ready for the most complex tasks that require great flexibility.

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