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Polestar 2 from Volvo is now available with us

Polestar 2 from Volvo is now available with us

The purely electric hatchback from Volvo’s Polestar subsidiary is available immediately at JB CarConcept as a test and comparison car. In terms of design, both inside and out, the relationship to other Volvo models is unmistakable. In terms of market positioning, the Polestar 2 is a direct competitor to the Tesla Model 3.

Technical features and key data for the Polestar 2, which is bookable at JB CarConcept:

  • The body is based on the well-known Volvo XC 40 platform
  • Length: 4,60 m, width: 1,86 m, weight: 2.120 Kg
  • Two synchronous electric motors (the Model 3 is equipped with one asynchronous and one synchronous motor each)
  • Performance 300 kW (408 PS), torque: 660 Nm, battery: 78 kWh, WLTP range: ca. 470 km
  • All wheel drive, which varies from 100% power to the front axle to 30% front, 70% rear
  • Charging capacity: up to 150 kW possible, depending on the charging station
  • Electric tailgate, vegan interior and trailer coupling
  • Performance package with Brembo brakes, Öhlins DFV shock absorbers and 20" forged aluminium wheels

As a rather narrowly cut sports saloon, the interior isn’t that far away from the classic style of making cars. This is in contrast with the competition at Tesla. Fit, finish and equipment are at the higher end of the scale, as you’d expect from Volvo.

One special feature to note: the infotainment uses the Android Automotive OS operating system, which makes its operating concept clearly different from other cars. That makes the Polestar perfect for comparisons and to get reactions from consumers.

Regardless of the projects you are planning with the Polestar 2, we will procure comparable electric and combustion engine cars such as the BMW iX3, Tesla Model 3, BMW 3 Series, Audi A4 or A5, Mercedes C Class or CLA Coupé. And we make sure that the cars match your specifications in terms of motorisation, equipment, colour etc.

Do you want to compare the Polestar 2 with competitors? Then contact us here or call us on: +49 (0) 2129 / 33 19 732 or +49 (0) 173 / 57 38 388. We can provide comparison vehicles, talk with you about your plans and prepare vehicles according to your exact needs.


Book the plug-in-hybrid A-Class with us now

Book the plug-in-hybrid A-Class with us now

The Mercedes A-Class is well known for being sporty. Several exciting new features have been added in the current models that have been around since 2018 and especially with the plug-in hybrid A 250e: more space thanks to noticeably increased length and width, a purely electric range of 74 km according to NEDC, significantly more practicality, a completely new operating concept with digital cockpit, powerful voice control and sports car driving performance. Comparisons and test drives with the A 250e promise many new insights. You can book the Mercedes immediately at JB CarConcept despite current sales embargoes.

To complete your test fleet, we also procure direct competitors such as the VW Golf, BMW 1 Series, Audi A3, Lexus CT200, Mazda 3 or Hyundai i30. And we make sure that the cars are comparable in terms of engine, equipment, colour, etc.

Key data for the Mercedes A 250e bookable at JB CarConcept: Progressive Line, MBUX high-end package with augmented reality navigation, 15.6 kW battery, 218 hp and 450 Nm torque from the electric motor and combustion engine, 8G-DCT automatic transmission.

Do you want to compare the A250e with the competition? Then contact us here or call +49 (0) 2129 / 33 19 732 or +49 (0) 173 / 57 38 388 and we'll source relevant test vehicles, discuss your plans and prepare vehicles to suit your exact requirements.

Book the new Tesla Model Y at JB CarConcept now

Book the new Tesla Model Y at JB CarConcept now

We’ve made a great deal for your test and comparative drives. Even though the Tesla Model Y won’t be available through Tesla Germany until 2021, you can already book one at JB CarConcept.

After releasing the Model 3, which we also have available, the American electric car pioneer is on course to finally conquer the mass market with the Model Y. The Model 3 serves as the basis, with the same powertrain, batteries, touchscreen operation concept and interior design. But the new compact SUV is substantially larger: +18 cm of height, +6/7 cm of length. The advantages: a substantially higher seating position provider a greater field of view, easier entry, more headroom, a larger storage area with more variability (thanks to a large rear hatch), adjustable and foldable triple rear seating area, offering up to 1,900 litres of space. This makes transporting items that are 110 to 210 cm long no problem at all.

In addition to the Performance Version already available at JB CarConcept (all-wheel drive, fully loaded and a range of 480 km according to WLTP), just like in the Model 3, there will also be a Standard Version (only rear wheel drive) and a Long Range Version (up to 505 km based on WLTP).

What’s new for all Tesla cars is that a heat pump will be available to increase efficiency. As the price increase of the Model Y compared to the Model 3 is expected to be modest, it will be very exciting to see a comparison between traditional, internal combustion SUVs and the constantly growing electric competition (such as the Hyundai 45 or VW ID.4, for example). Range comparisons and cold temperature tests in particular will be very interesting with the Model Y. It will also provide new insights in terms of quality and finish, as these are areas in which Tesla generally still has room for improvement.

nextmove, our partner for electromobility, has already put a comprehensive test video online. As it’s still unique in Europe, they used our very own Tesla Model Y, of course.

You don’t want to wait until 2021 to do a comparative test with the Model Y? Then get in touch with us here or give us a call at: +49 (0) 2129 / 33 19 732 or +49 (0) 173 / 57 38 388. We can source relevant competitor vehicles, talk about your plans and prepare vehicles to your exact specifications.

Mini Cooper SE Electric: neu bei JB CarConcept für Test- und Vergleichsfahren

Mini Cooper SE Electric: newly available at JB CarConcept for tests and comparison drives

Now the Mini is also fully electric. And you can book it for your test and comparison drives for competition analysis at JB CarConcept. A few numbers for your plans: Peak power of 135 kW (184 PS), max. torque, 270 Nm, top speed 150 km/h (limited), battery capacity net 28.9 kWh, range according to NEDC approximately 242 to 270 km, quick charging possible, empty weight approximately 1,365 kg, trim level L, 3 doors.

A few first impressions from our crew: the electric Mini retains its typical driving characteristics. It makes one thing clear though: electric drive can be combined with driving pleasure and iconic design.

The drivetrain and other vital organs came from the related i3 (bookable at JB CarConcept) - which makes for a possible comparison. The electric Mini uses the proven front wheel drive/front engine layout. The body sits almost two centimetres higher than conventionally powered Minis on account of the battery. In contrast, the centre of gravity is about 3 centimetres lower. This gives an electric go-kart feel to the driving experience and made the AMS tests conclude that it was a properly cool little car.

With the Mini Cooper SE, MINI is ideally equipped for the era of electrically powered vehicles. Contemporary, modern, handy as ever and nimble. Comparisons with competitors such as the Nissan Leaf (also available from JB CarConcept) and Peugeot e-208 (reserved) should lead to interesting findings.

Are you looking for the fully electric Mini Cooper SE for test and comparison drives, in the CarClinic, for competition analysis or for research & development? Please contact us: +49 (0) 2129 / 33 19 732 or +49 (0) 173 / 57 38 388. We will discuss your project, procure the desired competitor vehicles and prepare them according to your requirements.

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